Egyptian Christians Waiting on Government Help to Replace Lost Property
One year after the attacks, Mina Thabet can still see the ruins in his mind -- a seemingly endless series of scorched, hollowed-out church buildings, schools, homes and businesses stretching out across Egypt.

Southern Baptist Pastors Use "3 Circles" Presentation as Way to Share the Gospel
As Derek Staples prepared for a mission trip to Honduras, he was on the lookout for a visual way to express the Gospel. The church mission team, in setting up a medical clinic at a local school, would be sharing the Gospel with people in a pre-literate environment.

South Sudanese Church Leaders Feel Forgotten by the Western World
Church leaders in South Sudan said yesterday that the world has turned its back on the war-torn nation and little is being done to help the millions in desperate need of humanitarian aid.

Kirsten Powers Wants Obama to Know Iraqi Christians Are Dying
It's starting to seem as if the Obama White House operates on a time delay. In the case of Iraq's religious minorities, the results have been deadly.



First Muslim to Serve as UN Human Rights Chief says ISIS Will Turn Iraq and Syria Into a "House of Blood"

The new U.N. human rights chief urged world powers on Monday to protect women and minorities targeted by Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, saying the fighters were trying to create a "house of blood."


5 Ways You Can Help Our Iraqi Brothers and Sisters In Christ

Iraqi born pastor Jalil Dawood of the Arabic Church of Dallas, who, along with other Christian leaders will be holding a rally on Sept. 14 in support of Iraqis who are being persecuted by the Islamic State, says there are five things Americans can do today to help their brothers and sisters in Christ.


Pastor David Platt Elected New President of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board

David Platt was elected president of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board today (Aug. 27) by board trustees, meeting at the IMB's International Learning Center in Rockville, Va.


Christian Pastor Behnam Irani Facing Death Penalty In Iran for "Spreading Corruption on Earth"

An evangelical Iranian pastor serving a six years prison term for his Christian activities is facing 18 new charges, including "spreading corruption on Earth", which carries the death penalty, Christian rights activists say.


Michael A. Youssef: Christians Should Never Compromise Christ's Exclusivity When Engaging Islam

Christians must never compromise the exclusivity of Christ when engaging Islam, Michael A. Youssef said at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in a Sept. 2 lecture.

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